DIY: A place for magazines

We had plans this weekend, as usual… But the kids got ill (nothing serious, just a cold), and that meant changed plans, or more like cancelled plans. It also meant free time, which gave me time for DIY. I decided to give an apple box a real makeover. Continue reading


To restore an old piece of furniture

Is there anything more pleasant than to restore an old piece of furniture? I love to buy old (not antique, just pretty old) furniture and make it as new again with help from a few hours work! Small things like a brush and some paint can make old furniture like new again, and that’s what I love about this hobby! Continue reading


Smoothie for breakfast and a new furniture make-over project

I did something this morning that I should do more often. I made my own smoothie and had for breakfast. Not a very tricky one. Just used 3 ingredients, but it was delicious and it was healthy! I took 2 dl of low-fat  strawberry yoghurt, 1 orange and 1 apple and put it in the blender, mixed for 20 seconds and then it was ready to serve. Delicious! Enjoyed it along with a cup of coffee and the latest issue of the Swedish interior magazine Hus & Hem as can be seen above. It was a great moment of relaxation. Continue reading