Hello everyone,

I’m so glad to see you here!

I’m somewhat an interior addict, running an Etsy shop where I sell classic enamel signs (house number signs, address plaques, nameplates, etc.) and I also spend lots of time online, searching the net for exciting marketplaces, great designers, fun shops and other fascinating things. I try to stay on top of things in the world of interior design, and I love to find new gems out there!

I turned 30 last year (Gosh, how did that happen!?) and I’m blessed with the best family I could ever wish for, as well as the most loving and happy dog in the world. I love to spend time in our garden (which could look a lot better, but hopefully it will soon…) and I love to work on furniture make-over projects. I’m pretty much addicted to white, so I paint most things white, which may tell you something about my home…

Well, I think that’s all you need to know for now, but I promise you will get to know me better by reading my blog every now and then!




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