Inspiration from Duro Sweden

The last few days have been amazing. Warm, sunny and suddenly it’s not that hard to believe that it’ll actually be summer in just a couple of months. Strangely, something happens with me every year when spring comes. I feel inspired and wants to improve my home in all possible ways, and this year, I’m starting to look at new wallpaper options. I’ve discovered a new favourite; Duro Sweden.

industrial duro

All the wallpapers pictured in this post can be found at Duro Sweden, who also owns all the photos. The one above is one of my true favorites. I love this rustic, industrial brick wall theme, and I think it would look just as good in the living room as in the kitchen. Bright, modern and yet timeless.

ernstA Swedish TV personality, Ernst Kirchsteiger, draw this wallpaper for Duro Sweden. It’s called Ester Marias Kammare and I think it’s adorable! Old fashioned, country style and very, very romantic! I think this would be the perfect wallpaper for a guestroom.

graphic animalsThe architect Claes Kock created this wallpaper for Duro Sweden, with graphic animals. I find it really unique, and I think it’s such a clever choice for a dining place like the one above.

I could go on forever, listing dozens of wallpapers, which would look awesome in various rooms. What I need to do, however, is to find the perfect ones for MY home, and that will not be an easy task, although a very pleasant one.


One thought on “Inspiration from Duro Sweden

  1. What great wallpaper. I really love the white brick design! It looks so fresh and I can see it in a lot of different rooms. Thanks for sharing!

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