Dreaming of a home in Norway

Norway… Possibly the most beautiful country in the world. Words can’t describe its beauty, honestly, and it’s not just something I say. It truly is amazingly beautiful!

terraceAll photos: Notar

Look at this view! It’s all what Norway is about. Wonderful scenery, amazing views, living close to the nature and so on… This apartment is located in Ålesund, close to the town centre, and yet so very close to the fabulous nature. Imagine to sit on the terrace, sipping on a glass of wine and looking out over the water. Wouldn’t that be the perfect way to relax after a busy day at work?

tableAmazingly, the view is not the only thing that makes me want this apartment. The interior is awesome too! I love the white panelling, the large windows that lets in so much light, the wooden roof and the fact that it feels unique.

sofaThere’s something to love in each and every room to be honest. I love the window here. It gives this room a truly unique touch, and this is a room where I would love to light a fire in the fireplace, bring a cup of hot chocolate and spend hours reading books and magazines. Love it!

terrace sunchairWhether it’s summer or winter, the view is absolutely fantastic here, and I can’t think of a better place to live. Imagine warm summer days, sitting in a lounger on the terrace, reading a book, enjoying the fab view and thinking of life. Or a cold winter day, where you could see the snow on the mountains and some frosty ice on the lake, enjoying the serenity and the closeness to nature. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of a home in Norway

  1. Isobel Morrell (@Coldhamcalling) says:

    It’s evidently just what you’re after: hope you manage to get it, if you are indeed in the house buying mode. It’s still worth visiting via you, as far as I am concerned.

  2. View is fantastic!!!! I moved from Russia to Florida twenty years ago, and I still have a heart for warm place:) so I’m not ready to move to Norway anytime soon :)… but visit in summer – oh yes!!!!

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