Interior items to die for

A unique home; isn’t that what we all want? I sure do, but it’s not easy to build a unique home with furniture and accessories from IKEA. No offense, IKEA is great (even amazing) in so many ways, but I think it’s fun to mix their stuff with something truly unique, and that’s where GREAT.LY comes in.

graphic bloom rug

I’m totally in love with this rug, and I can tell you one thing… I’m not normally a rug person. I love wooden floors, plain, without any rugs at all, but I would do anything to put this rug in any room in my house. I would absolutely LOVE to put it in the living room. I think I would watch the rug more often than the TV… It’s woven and hand tufted, and made with so much love. And you know what? I think you can tell just by looking at it! Have a closer look here!

The pink coffee table in the featured image is another favorite from the GREAT.LY shop. I love pink, I love side tables, so well… No need to say that I would be thrilled to add this to my home as well.

rabbit planter

Things doesn’t have to be big to be amazing though. Just look at the three-legged rabbit planter above! Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? I sure think so! By putting this one on the table, one can add plenty of life to a room very easily, and without putting lots of money into it.

sage bedding

Who said bedding has to be boring? It sure wasn’t me! This sage and olive green duvet cover and pillows are absolutely gorgeous! Green is such a relaxing color, and I think this is perfect for the bedroom. A touch of luxury, uniqueness and color, and of course, a good nights sleep!

There are SO many talented makers on GREAT.LY, and I’m thrilled to be able to stock my favorite items in my shop. It’s such a joy to stop by every day, to find all new lovely items stocked by the makers, and I really hope you’ll take a few minutes to stop by as well!


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