I envy those who dare

I love colors! Colors makes me happy, they bring life to all places where they are used, and they bring feelings to life. With that said, I wish I had the guts to use more colors when decorating my home, but well… I envy those who dare, but I don’t have what it takes. It’s just not me! However, when looking at the apartment below, I certainly envy those who dare. Such a lovely place!

living roomAll photos: Alexander White Fastighetsmäkleri via Blocket Bostad

I love it! The rug, the art, the cushions… It works so well with the rest. The fact that they’ve chosen white and black for furniture and electronic device makes it even better. It’s a perfect way to match color with neutrals.


A cozy and comfortable place to rest. that’s exactly what a bedroom is supposed to be, and I think this one is just that! It’s not as full of color as the living room, but still colorful enough to be inviting and full of life. I love the beautiful chair with the fantastic floral pattern and I love the way they use white as main color. It makes this room perfectly relaxing, but also a place that put a smile on your face when you enter the door.


This kitchen could have been way too plain and boring, if it wasn’t for the flowers, the plants and the lemons used to bring some life to the white and steel components. The kitchen itself is quite minimalistic, but I love the way they’ve added color to it. Flowers and fruits are easy to get, cheap and can be replaced daily, in order to get new colors. It’s great!

It’s hard to believe that this bright and spacious apartment only has two rooms and a kitchen, but it’s definitely well planned. It’s situated in Vasastan in Stockholm, in surroundings as lovely as the apartment itself.


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