Bathroom makeover coming up

The chain house where we live is a rented one, which means big renovating projects doesn’t come too often, and usually not when we choose it. We’ve been asked if we want a huge bathroom makeover to take place soon though, and I guess I don’t have to say that we said (or more like yelled) a big YES!

We were given the opportunity to choose between various types of bathrooms and various color schemes and that sort of things. We didn’t get unlimited options of course, but we found a bathroom that we all liked, so we’ll go with that one. However, giving a bathroom a makeover includes so many choices and options, and I’ve seen so many wonderful bathrooms, which makes it even more difficult to settle with one.

The featured photo is borrowed from Cute Decor and maybe this bathroom is a bit on the dark side, but I find it very relaxing and it looks so warm and cozy! It’s just one of many bathroom wonders though, and the one below is gorgeous as well, much thanks to the amazing color scheme. Love it! It’s designed by Anna Forkum, and I think it must be amazing to have a bathroom like that, being one of the first things you see every morning.

turquoise bathroomPhoto: Anthony-Masterson Photography via House of Turquoise

You can choose to go all in for a very colorful bathroom, if you want a room that’s really unique and full of life. This pink bathroom is a perfect example of what color can do to a bathroom. It would actually be quite cool to have a bathroom like this, but I have to admit that I don’t have the courage to try it. I actually had a pink bathroom once, but it was pink when I moved in, and it was a more pale pink color than the one below. I loved it, but our new bathroom will be black and white. Probably more boring, but I love that color scheme too.

pink bathroomPhoto: Estately Blog

A white bathroom, bright and full of light is also a lovely addition to any home. I love the one below, with white wood paneling. I love the country living style, and if I ever moved to an older house I would go for something like this, without hesitating.

white bathroomPhoto: Country Living

What kind of bathroom would you choose, if you didn’t have to consider the financial and practical aspects?


2 thoughts on “Bathroom makeover coming up

  1. I love the white bathroom with wood floors and a the claw foot tub… but that tub seems like it would be a nightmare to clean around! I would still love it, though!

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