Magic walls

Wallpaper… Doesn’t sound like a word that holds much magic, does it? Well, I can tell you one thing. The right wallpaper can bring some magic into any room, I assure you that! Just take a look at these amazing wallpapers from the Swedish company Photowall (all photos are borrowed from their website). midnight sunThe midnight sun usually seen in Northern Sweden, can now be seen in your own bedroom, no matter where you live. What a great last view before you fall asleep. Can’t think of any better!

graveyardAlways wanted to bring a little bit of mysticism into your home and life? Well, you can certainly do it now, with this October graveyard wallpaper. It will bring a new dimension to every moment spent in the kitchen for sure. Like it or hate it? I bet you have an opinion.

brooklyn bridgeI’ve never been in the area of Brooklyn Bridge, but with this wallpaper I can get a window to it right inside my living room. Cool isn’t it? Even those who live in the countryside can get a window to the big city. It’s never been as easy to imagine living in another place.

romanesque churchGrab a good book, sit down and relax and enjoy a nice moment with the best view ever! Where? In your living room of course! I love this wallpaper with a Romanesque church in the foreground. I’m actually thinking of using this one in my own home.

Which photowall is your favourite?


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