DIY: A place for magazines

We had plans this weekend, as usual… But the kids got ill (nothing serious, just a cold), and that meant changed plans, or more like cancelled plans. It also meant free time, which gave me time for DIY. I decided to give an apple box a real makeover.

wooden box

I’m not a big fan of unpainted wooden pieces, but I love to give them new life. This time I decided to paint it white, and I decided to use hobbylack, acrylic paint.


The color is easy to use, dries quickly and can be touched after 15 minutes. I had to put on two layers to get a nice result, but it was all done very quickly.

white box

After it was all painted, I left it to dry for a few hours, before it was time to use decoupage. I have never tried it before, so it was really exciting. I’d found some material that I truly loved, so I was really looking forward to use it. The material? World maps from Martha Stewart Craft collection of course!

Martha Stewart CraftI wanted to cover the bottom of the box with the maps, and it was a little tricky to make it fit in the corners, but except from that it all worked well, and I was quite happy with the result, considering that it was the first time I tried this.

renovated boxAs you can see, I also decided to write on the sides to bring more life to the box. I used black hobbylack, and stencilles, to get beautiful characters. It was a bit tricky since I didn’t want any black color outside the characters, but after a bit of covering up, it all worked out.

stencillesI loved this project. It didn’t take too long to complete, and I now have somewhere to put my interior magazines. I will probably have to make several boxes, since it will be very difficult (read impossible) to squeeze in all my magazines, but it’s a start…

magazine box


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