A happier life with flowers

Oh, how happy flowers can make a person in just a few seconds! Isn’t it strange? I guess it is, but it’s nonetheless true. Just look at the featured photo (which comes from ZsaZsa Bellagio)… Who wouldn’t want to have roses like those, climbing up the wall, ending up outside the bedroom window? I sure would!heart wreathPhoto: Ana Rosa

Who would not like to be welcomed by an adorable wreath like this one on the door? I’m a total fan on pink, hasn’t changed a bit since I was a little girl, and in my eyes, this wreath is, in all its simplicity, one of the most gorgeous wreaths I’ve ever seen. I would fall in love with any home where I saw a pink heart like this one on the door.

hydrangeasPhoto: Rustic Farmhouse

If I came into a guestroom and found a jar like this, with blooming hydrangeas, I would stay, not only the night, but as many nights as possible, just because of the blooming beauty. Hydrangeas are, if you ask me, possibly the most wonderful flowers one can ever find, and it brings a truly genuine and rustic feeling to any home. I don’t need expensive roses or luxurious lilies, a branch of hydrangea, blooming in a jar, makes me just as happy!

Does flowers make you happy? Any particular kind of flowers, or just any flowers? I think I may have been hit by some kind of flower geek virus at birth, since my mom is a HUGE fan of flowers and gardening. Even though I don’t have one bit of the same gardening and growing talent, I still love flowers to the moon and back…


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