Color, books and flowers

Have you ever thought about what makes an apartment or a house a home, and not just a place where you stay for a while? If you ask me, there are three really important things. First of all, I need books in my home, the more the better… I found all photos at Hemnet (which I visit A LOT), and this photo caught my eye immediately, since it reminds me a lot of someone. Who? Eehm… Me of course! I admit, I’m a true book geek!

books hemnetPhoto: Hemnet

I have books everywhere, and I mean everywhere. In the walk-in closet, on the floor in the bedroom, in the stairs (not very safe, I know) and on the kitchen table. I love it, but I guess I don’t have to say that my boyfriend doesn’t…

tulips hemnetPhoto: Hemnet

Next thing I need in order to feel like home, is flowers. I would love to have fresh flowers in every single room, but even if that’s not always reasonable, I definitely want a bouquet in the kitchen and in the living room, and I think it’s nice to place a bouquet in the entry hall as well. Great way to welcome all visitors, right? I love all kind of fresh flowers, but I think tulips are perfect to use during these first months of spring. Which ones are your favorites?

kids room hemnetPhoto: Hemnet

The third thing that is needed in order for me to feel like home, is colors! It can be colored cushions, curtains or a bowl filled with fruits in various colors. The important isn’t WHAT it is, but THAT you can find accent colors in the house/flat. I’m a big fan of white interior, but I want the rooms to be vibrant and welcoming, and I think some splashes of color makes the place a lot more interesting.

What would you say is the most important things in order to make a place feel like home?


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