An inspiring home office

I spend more than just a few hours in my home office every week. The home office is where I handle all customer service, write texts, handle the incoming e-mails and all other things work related. With this in mind, it’s pretty obvious that the workspace is quite an important part of my home, but I can’t say I’m all satisfied with the workspace I have right now. The question is; what should the perfect home office look like?home office

The workspace above is definitely one that I would consider for myself. I found the photo on Marias Vita Bo and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s bright and airy, and I love the wooden floor and the window. It’s very likely that I would find myself distracted and spend way too much time looking out through the window instead of working, but it’s still a beautiful workspace!

It’s very important that a workspace is bright and airy if you ask me. I’m also a big fan of white, which is probably the reason why I like the workspace above so much. I would, however, also like some details to make the home office personal, something to make it feel like MY workspace. A jar of fresh flowers is the first things I would add, such as the one below, that I found on The Everygirl.

desk with flowers

Another thing that I would do to make it personal, is to place my favorite art prints above the desk. The photo below was found on Homedit and I love how they’ve brought the workspace to life, with some art prints and some color. I would go for other prints, but I love the idea!

art prints over deskThe featured photo comes from the same source, Homedit, and in that photo they use shelves to put prints on, instead of putting them directly on the wall. I love that solution as well!

So, to make a workspace inspiring, a few things need to be fulfilled. It has to be bright and airy, it has to be personal, fresh flowers is a bonus, and personally selected art prints is definitely a must, or at least a benefit!


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