Christmas 2014

2014 is over, and we already have a new year. However, I haven’t had the time to tell you anything about the Christmas, so I thought it may be worth to turn back time, just for a short while. Me and my boys travelled to my parent’s place a few days before Christmas, and the same night we arrived, it actually started to snow. Great if you ask me! Even though summer is definitely my favorite season, I really want Christmas to be a white one, and we got that this year.

On Christmas Eve (which is the day when we celebrate here in Sweden) it was also very cold. I took my dog for a walk before lunch, and it was freezing but SO very beautiful!

winter day

My sister and her family came to my parent’s place as well, and we enjoyed plenty of delicious food, gathered around the Christmas tree (which me, my mom and the boys put up the day before Christmas) and made sure everyone got their Christmas gifts, and I can tell you it was LOTS of them!

Christmas treeThe kids were so very happy, and to be honest, I was probably just as happy. Even though I’m grown up now, I still get plenty of Christmas presents, and I love it! It may sound childish, but me and my entire family love to give and receive gifts on Christmas.

christmas table

We had a truly amazing day, and on Christmas day we went back home, to meet up with my darling, the boys father, and we gave each other presents and enjoyed the time together of course.

I hope you too had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones, and that the new year has started off great!


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