Happy New Year!

It’s been months since I last wrote here, and I apologize for that! The fall has been hectic and the motivation hasn’t been there either. I’ve been too  busy working on various projects. However, as a New Years value  I will actually promise to focus more on this blog. Let’s hope it’ll help!For now, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2015 the best year ever! The photo above is borrowed from Chic Coastal Living, and I hope that many of you will get the chance to experience lovely beaches, fabulous journeys and lazy days in the sun this upcoming year!

small steps 2015Make plans, set goals and make sure to reach each and every of them, small as well as big! This new year is one full of opportunities, and I will make sure to make the most of it. Will you?

happy girlsAnd never ever forget this! Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls, and this is not just an art print with a quote, it’s so very true! Make sure to be happy, make sure to smile, and the happiness will make you glow in a beautiful way!

yes you canAnd last but not least, YES, you can! You must never forget this! Whatever you wish to do, you can do it! Only you sets the limits for your own life. Let the sky be the limit!

All these art prints can be found over at my Great.ly shop.

With this said, I want to wish you a Happy New Year!


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