Compact living in the Swedish archipelago

The Swedish archipelago may very well be one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s quiet, relaxing and it’s nature at its very best! I love the sea, and I also love the nature in general, so the archipelago is a favourite for sure. With this in mind, it may not come as a surprise that I fell entirely for this beautiful place when I found it over at Blocket Bostad. All photos belong to the company Alexander White, who handles this prospect, and I can assure you that I’d pack my bags and move in to this wonderful place right away, if it wasn’t for the fact that it wouldn’t be possible to squeeze in my entire family (well, and the tiny detail that it’s quite expensive…).dining area

The dining area is spacious, just like it should be, and it’s hard to believe that we’re looking at a place with only three rooms. It doesn’t matter that it’s not huge though, since the happy owner will have a private beach, an absolutely amazing view, their own sauna and they will live close to the cliffs, where they can spend the sunny summer days.


Stensnäs Udde, which is the place where you can find this gorgeous apartment/chain house, is definitely a fabulous place, and the good news is that they’re building several apartments like this one right now. There will be bigger ones as well as smaller ones, and they will all offer amazing surroundings, extraordinary views and spacious rooms with true luxury.

bath tubLook at the floor, the tub, the fabulous ocean view… This may very well be my dream home! Imagine to sit on the balcony, looking out over the ocean, relaxing with a good book, while watching the sailboats passing by every now and then… Wouldn’t it be great?

livingroom spaciousThe best thing is that it’s a home that I would be proud to invite friends to, but I would also feel comfortable spending time there on my own. The surroundings are very relaxing, but the place is also beautiful enough to impress even royalties. Amazing, that’s the only word to describe it properly!


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