Art & Pillows at GREAT.LY

Fall is coming and it’s coming fast. It’s easy to tell when you walk out through the door in the morning, since there is never as fresh air as in the early fall. It feels like you’ve entered a country of freshness, a place where everything is untouched and natural. I love that feeling, even though the rest of the fall can be a bit dark from time to time.

Nothing is more important than a fresh start at home, when the fall comes. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I want, no sorry…, I need to make changes at home. I want new art prints to put on the walls to make it more welcoming, new rugs to make the floors warmer, and of course new pillows to put in the sofa, to make the living room more cozy, as that’s the room where I (and the rest of the family) spend the most of our time during this season.

Because of this, I’m really happy to have my own GREAT.LY shop, where I can gather all the pillows and art prints (and of course other stuff) that I personally love and would like to bring into our home. That way I can share it with you, and some of you can find the same happiness from these beautiful items!

happy girls

I’ve added so many beautiful prints in my shop this week, and I’m sure you’ll find some of them just as lovely as I do! I think some funny, beautiful or thoughtful prints on the walls can make a room brighter, cozier and a lot more fun to be in, and THAT my friends, is extremely important when the fall comes with rainy nights and eventually some snow.

butterfliesThere is a print for every room, whether you want to improve the living room, the entrance hall, the children’s room or maybe even the bathroom. Every room can become more welcoming and bright, if you choose the right things to place there.

With that said, art is wonderful and can, as said, brighten up a room a lot, but there is one thing that may be even more important when fall comes marching in. Pillows, throws and other textiles! This is what makes a place warm, welcoming and cozy, which are three important words when it’s time to welcome the fall.

foto Lisa WikstrandSome of you may want to add colors to your home in the fall, but that’s not the most important factor to me. I’m more eager to have quantity, with many pillows, warm blankets, matching items and so on. As you may know, I’m very much into black and white and a mix of those, but I can definitely appreciate a touch of color as well from time to time.

pillow with colors

With all these beautiful items stocked in shop, I’m happy to welcome the fall this year! I will make sure to order several of those items myself, and I’m confident my home will be more welcoming than ever when September comes.



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