End of summer

My blogging has been lousy the last few weeks, and even though I’m not proud of it, it’s actually quite understandable. My kids have enjoyed their last weeks of the summer break, and I wanted to focus as much as possible on my family during the last part of summer. The little one (OK, not so little anymore) started school today, so from now on, I will have more time for the blog.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go to the northern part of Sweden for a few days. We headed for Lapland, and spent almost a week there. It was definitely very calm and quiet, and it’s easy to relax there, which I guess I need to do more often since I’m not good at it! Yes, I admit… I can’t relax! I get stressed up just by trying to be honest.

sunsetWell, it’s hard not to relax when you look at a view like this, and the best part is that the cottage is set just a few meters from the lake, so I could easily get this view every night. Clear water, fresh air and calm surroundings have a good influence on most people I guess!

forestThe cottage is surrounded by the forest, so it was easy to get out in the nature, feel the scent of trees, flowers and look at wild animals (yes, I did see some actually) and harvest some blueberries. We found enough of them to make a blueberry pie later that night, and that was great if you ask me, since I’m a big fan of pie!

blueberriesMy boyfriend spent some time fishing, and he brought the boys too of course, which they loved. I’m not that into fishing, but I made sure to get some work done while they went out, so everyone was happy nonetheless.

We ended the week with some rain and thunder, which was to be honest quite nice! It can be truly cozy with a thunderstorm every now and then, even though this wasn’t much of a storm… Dark skies, rain on the window and some thunder a few miles away. What a great and dramatic ending!

thunderstormWell, we’ve all got some new energy now, which is good, since the kids has a long semester in front of them, and I have a HUGE to-do-list to handle. Guess it’s time to get started!


One thought on “End of summer

  1. Nice blogpost and pictures! My first time in Sweden was 2 months ago when I visited Stockholm. Great city with friendly people, a lot of green areas and some lovely shops! I think I would like living over there. It’s a very well organised country with a lot of opportunities. Hope to go Lapland one day for some real peaceful and quiet days!

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