Blooming Beauty

Is there anything as beautiful as a bunch of fresh flowers in a jug, or blooming flowers in the garden? Nothing can improve a home or a garden as much as flowers, and the best thing with flowers, is that you can use them in so many ways to improve your home, whether you live in a flat or in a house.

fresh flowers pastel

Photo: Apartment Therapy

The bouquet above is just a great sample of how flowers can be used. The pastel jug is lovely, it adds even more beauty. And if you, like me, love white interiors, then you’ll need something like this to brighten up the home with some colors.

hydrangeaPhoto: Breathe Happiness

Hydrangeas may very well be the most amazing flowers you can ever find. They can change colors, they look just as amazing in the garden as they do in a pot in the window inside the house. You can also take a few flowers from the plant and put them in a jar filled with water. That way you can decorate with fresh hydrangeas all over the place.

cherry blossom

Photo: Flickr

The photo is taken from Flickr (just like the featured image of this post), and it shows one of my true favorites in the garden. Cherry blossoms…. Aren’t they just adorable? I think they are so fragile and cute, and the best of all? You can get delicious berries from the tree as well! Apple trees and cherry trees are among the best things you can have in a garden, since they give delicious fruit/berries, while being beautiful when blooming as well!

Do you have any favorite flowers? Do you prefer to have them outside, growing wild in the garden, or in jugs and jars inside the house? I definitely want a mix of both, since I love to have flowers all around!


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