A home to die for

Imagine if you could mix and match, and build a dream home with rooms taken from various homes. Wouldn’t that be absolutely awesome? I definitely think it would, and even if it’s not exactly possible in real life, it sure is possible here on the blog, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

balcony oasisPhoto: Gardens Click

No doubt that I would choose this balcony for my home! It’s like a garden oasis, even though it can be attached to an apartment in the middle of a huge city. It’s a great place to have your morning coffee, a great place to sit down and read a great book, ignoring all the daily life tasks for a little while.

Lovely-home-in-Gothenburg-Sweden9Photo: Jelanié Blog

There are so many nice kitchens to choose between, but the one in the photo above (which is by the way from the same home as the featured photo of this post) is most likely the one I would choose for my mix & match home. I love the white painted wooden floor, the fact that it lets in so much light, and I love the brick wall as well as all the white details.

bedroomPhoto: House & Garden

If I had a home with just one bedroom, it would be this one! I absolutely love the window seat, where I would sit every day and read a good book, while looking out the window every now and then (where I would, of course, have a view over the sea!). I also like the wooden wall behind the bed, and I like the fact that much focus is put on the storage solutions in the room. Yep, this is the perfect bedroom for me.

living roomPhoto: Norske Interiorblogger

A livingroom can’t be just beautiful, it has to be comfy as well, since that’s the room where most of us spend most of our time. The room above looks comfy and it sure is beautiful! I love the fluffy rug (love the colors as well) and I like the combination of white and bright colors. I would spend plenty of time in this room during the winter season, and I would invite friends over as often as I could, just to sit there, have a cup of coffee and watch a great movie.

With this, my dream home is complete, and even though it’s not possible to have this home, it gives plenty of inspiration to me, and maybe to you too?



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