Sunny days and work

The last few weeks have been hectic, and that’s pretty much an understatement to be honest. I’ve been working on plenty of projects at the same time (which is rarely a good idea) and to make it even more tricky, I’ve been visiting my parents for a week. It was a great week, a gorgeous one to be honest, but it’s so tempting to just relax in the wonderful surroundings when I get there, which makes a heavy workload even harder to handle.

lakeWell, I had some great days there before I finally headed back home, and since I got back I’ve been working harder than ever, so I guess the week did me good after all! It’s a bit strange you know, it doesn’t matter how old I get (OK, 30 may not be that old, but that’s not the point here…) but my parents place always bring me to piece in some strange way. It’s not just the house, it’s the surroundings. The view of the quiet lake, the sound of the birds in the morning, the scent of trees in the woods… It’s unique and I love it!

canyonThe nature is never as wild and free as it is there, and the quiet moments are never as quiet as they are there. Recognize the feeling? I guess most of us have a place like that.

Well, enough said about that. This week has been all about work (OK, and some tanning and a few visits by the poolside) and I plan to keep it that way, since I have a lot to think of at the moment. I’m eager to get things going, and since my Etsy shop is going great at the moment, I really look forward to take on other marketplaces as well. Exciting, right? I sure think so!


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