Compact Living in Sweden

I love to look at available houses and apartments and the fun thing is that you never know what you’ll find out there. I can tell you one thing for sure; the preferences you thought you have are not always the most important. The intuition and the “feeling” is a lot more important, and the apartment you love the most, is far from always the one that is most suitable for you.

This apartment is my newest favourite on the home market. It’s located in Solna, close to the Swedish capital. It only has 1,5 rooms, which makes it WAY too small for me, but it was love at first sight none-the-less.

living room

I love the wooden floors which can be seen throughout the entire flat, and even though I would probably paint them white, I love the rustique feeling they add to the place. The balcony seems to be the most cozy place on earth, and when you look at it, it’s quite hard to imagine that this place is actually located in a suburb to Stockholm. I would rather think it was in a small town, close to the countryside.

balcony door

If I hadn’t had a family, this is exactly the kind of home I would have been looking for. I guess you can call it compact living at its best, right? A cozy little balcony where you can have your breakfast before heading off to work, wooden floors that adds an old touch, large windows and much light, which makes it feel more spacious than it is, and a uniqueness which is hard to find nowadays.

two roomsI love the fact that it’s located a few kilometres from the capital itself, yet close enough to travel in less than half an hour. You can easily work in Stockholm, yet enjoy the charm of this smaller suburb. Perfect, don’t you think?

All photos belong to Bjurfors, where you can also read more about this apartment. It’s close to the Råsta Lake, and to lovely nature. However, you’re still not far from the fashion centre of Sweden. This may very well be every girls dream, at least it’s mine for sure!


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