A cozy place in Stockholm

Some places are just amazing. Almost too good to be true. You know, that kind of place where you want to move in, just after seeing a few photos. The place above and below is one of that kind. The apartment is situated in Stockholm, in a street called Tegnérgatan. I love the spacious feeling, the vivid colors and the fact that the neighborhood looks so very charming and cozy. The balcony looks absolutely fantastic, much thanks to the colors, but also due to the fact that it’s large and full of flowers. I think flowers can make a whole lot of difference, don’t you agree?

hallwayThe hallway is just about perfect. I love the white wooden floors, the white walls and the small details, such as the black frames on the wall, the black shelves and how great it looks with the contrasting colors.

livingroomI would spend so much time in the living room if I owned this apartment! I’m usually a huge fan of white interior, and I love the fact that this apartment is decorated with plenty of white, but I love all the colors even more! The mix of rich colors and neutrals is what makes this place a dream.


All photos: Notar via Blocket Bostad

I would never have chosen this kitchen myself, but when I look at this photo, I find it adorable. It’s so cute with the small table, the curtain and the big lamp. The floor is quite old fashioned and I love the look of it. I can’t deny that I’ve fallen in love with this place, and I’m deep into it!


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