Fascinating design from Finland

I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design, but I often forget to look at interior design from Finland, which is truly a shame since they have a lot to offer. BEdesign is one great example of unique and truly amazing Finnish design. All the photos in this post are borrowed from BEdesign, and it shows some of their great pieces, which I would gladly bring into my home whenever I had the opportunity.

Above you can see a bookshelf, that is truly unique. It’s made of metal, as you can see, but there’s also a wooden version of it, made of solid oak, as can be seen below. I love the streamlined shape and I love the fact that anyone who lays their eyes on this great piece of furniture would notice it and remember it for a long time. You can put books in it, which is exactly what I would do (no news there, as I’m totally a book geek!) but you can also alternate and put small pieces of art, jewelry boxes, sea shells or whatever you want. Your imagination sets the limits, which means there are no limits. Great, isn’t it?

BookshelfIf I had the opportunity to choose, I would go for the wooden shelf above, since I love wooden items. The metal version might feel a bit more modern though, so if you’re in for a modern look, that may be the perfect choice for you.

My favourite item among all the gorgeous things that BEdesign has to offer is a really cool sideboard though. It’s called Wave, and that name is just about perfect. The design is inspired by the wonderful Finnish archipelago, and the totally unique shape is nothing but amazing. I would probably put my favourite interior magazines in it, but the best thing is that the table can be used in so many ways. I would guess every lucky owner will find his own way to use this gorgeous piece of furniture.

Sideboard Wave                                                                                 All photos: BEdesign



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