Smoothie for breakfast and a new furniture make-over project

I did something this morning that I should do more often. I made my own smoothie and had for breakfast. Not a very tricky one. Just used 3 ingredients, but it was delicious and it was healthy! I took 2 dl of low-fat  strawberry yoghurt, 1 orange and 1 apple and put it in the blender, mixed for 20 seconds and then it was ready to serve. Delicious! Enjoyed it along with a cup of coffee and the latest issue of the Swedish interior magazine Hus & Hem as can be seen above. It was a great moment of relaxation.


Well, after my breakfast (a.k.a. relaxation moment) I went to the city to visit a few fleamarkets and second hand shops. I love those places, as it’s possible to find some really great things, than one can renovate, paint, or fix in an appropriate way and get a whole new piece of furniture.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was searching for some kind of furniture for the living room, to place under a wall shelf. I want it to big big enough to place fresh flowers and a few small accessories on, but not too big. So… I visited three places before I found it. It may not look perfect now, but my plan is to paint it white and fresh it all up, and I’m sure it’ll be a great addition to my home. What do you think?


I guess I should mention that the price was definitely reasonable. I paid $17 for it, and I already have the paint at home (it’s called Antique White and gives a really nice, white shade), so it won’t cost me a penny except for the $17 already paid. I will show you the result when I’m done, and that should only take a few days.


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