Shopping at my favourite place

This morning when I woke up, I decided that it was a great day for shopping (isn’t it always?) and I brought my kids with me to my favourite shop in the whole world (not sure about that, but it’s definitely my favourite in the neighborhood….). The kids were happy since they have a great little café there, and I was certainly happy because they have more home decor than you can ever wish for. Everyone was happy, even though the kids thought I’d disappeared for a while…


I’m trying to find a nice side table or bureau to put in my living room, under a wall shelf, and this one above caught my eye for sure. It’s something like this I would like to place there, but ‘m not sure if it’s this specific one or something similar. Do you like it?

small things

It’s not an easy thing to leave the shop without an empty wallet, since they have LOTS of stuff, big as well as small things. I love their accessories for the home, but I love their furniture just as much, and the lovely thing above was one of the things I would have brought home, if I hadn’t taken the bike to the shop….


The mirror on the photo above (the white one, on the wall) would have made it to my home if my wonderful mom hadn’t given me one of those for Christmas. I will actually put it up within a few days, above the new bureau in the hallway. Will show you later 🙂

Well, the result of my shopping tour was actually quite surprising, much due to the bike issue… I bought a few, really cute, coffee mugs, some tablets for the kitchen table and some other small things. Nothing big, but I went home a lot happier, since this shop makes me smile every time I enter the door!


2 thoughts on “Shopping at my favourite place

  1. Marit B Skoglund says:

    Så fint at du fant bloggen min og la igjen en kommentar.
    Så fikk jeg se den fine bloggen din. Har shoppet litt selv i dag.
    En ny genser, to armbånd og en ny lipgloss. Ja også ble det
    med et par duftlys også…
    Ønsker deg en fin lørdag i morgen.
    Klem fra Marit

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