A summer cottage in Sweden

Have you ever been to Sweden? Maybe you’ve heard people talking about a country with deep forests and thousands of lakes? That is actually true. The woods and the lakes are what makes Sweden so beautiful, but there are so much more to say as well. The country has its own beauty, which is impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t been here.

The Swedish summers are amazing, and if you would like to experience them every year, you should consider getting yourself a cottage where you can spend a month or two in the summer season. I found this little gem online this morning. It’s for sale, it’s cheap, it’s cozy and beautiful, don’t you think? This is Scandinavian charm at its best if you ask me!

cottage front

It’s located in Lidköping and it only holds 1 room and a kitchen, but that’s probably just about enough for a summer cottage. As you can see it also has its own garden where you can grow vegetables and flowers and everything you may want.

I would paint the wooden floors white, as well as all wooden details, bring in some pastel colors like turquoise and pink accessories and maybe a shabby turquoise bureau or something like that. I’m sure this could become a true summer paradise for anyone looking for relaxation, and I would love spending a few weeks there yearly, that’s for sure!

torp 1

All photos: EgendomsMäklarna


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