A touch of summer

Summer… It’s amazing how just one word can make so many of us so very happy. Unfortunately we haven’t seen too much of summer 2014 here so far, but I guess there’s still hope, because today it was actually warm enough to have dinner outside in the sun. Guess I don’t have to say that I enjoyed it a lot!

How do you spend the summers if you can choose? In the city, visiting a new restaurant with a new cozy terrace every night? In your own home, doing some gardening when you have some time to spare? Or maybe in a totally different country, where the summers are even warmer and sunnier?

I personally love to take off to the countryside for a few days, where I can just be myself, listen to the birds, read some good books, plant some new flowers or harvest some vegetables. I love being able to enjoy the breakfast in the garden, in the shadow of an apple tree.

table hemnet

Photo: Hemnet

I also love being able to let my laundry dry in the garden, so that the scent of fresh, clean clothes can spread all over the place. I love enjoying a coffee on the porch, reading an interior magazine, and I love to leave all modern equipment behind, if only for a few hours or a day. That is vacation to me!

red cottage hemnet


Photo: Hemnet



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